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AUTO Detailing With A Passion.

We are Ottawa’s #1 Mobile Car Wash and Auto Detailing Professionals looking to give our customers a unique story of how we transformed their Cars from “MEH” to “YEAH”. We are good at what we do and our ultimate goal is to provide top Quality Detailing Services. Say bye-bye to waiting countless hours at a detailing garage/shop – We offer Door Step Service for your convenience.

Our focus is your satisfaction. We are not done until you are happy and satisfied. All you have to do is give us your keys, grab a popcorn, watch a movie or two then come out to a car that looks better than when you bought it.

So whether you are looking for Basic Maintenance, Car Wash, Paint Enhancement, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating or Advanced Interior Detailing with hot shampoo and steam to treat and remove salt stains, bad odour, pet hair or just bring your car back to showroom condition, you can trust us to get the job done.

Let us give your car the DeTAILING spa Treatment it deserves.


    Car interior detailing is all about beauty on the inside. However, there is more to interior detailing than meets the eye. It is not enough to simply look good. The inside of a car should provide a hygienic environment with a clean, fresh smell to help create a positive driving experience. This involves deep-cleaning techniques that sanitize upholstery, carpets and surfaces for a germ-free finish.


    Improper car washing techniques can lead to costly paint defects including swirls, water spotting, scratches, and so on. Our 5 step exterior hand wash process will give your car a fresh new look and gloss while minimizing the risk of adding more defects to your paint.


    Depending on the state of your paint, we will recommend single or multi-stage polishing, compounding and/or wet-sanding to correct the imperfections in your paint. Swirl marks, etching, faded paint, paint transfer, brake dust rust spots, scratches, oxidation, automated car wash marring, water spots, scuffs, dull paint are all examples of defects that can be removed with our Paint Correction techniques.


    Let our experts coat your car with long lasting Ceramic coating to protect paint, prevent contaminants from sipping through the nano pores of your paint coat to your paint, eliminate rust, reduce maintenance cost/time, protect paint from UV radiation, create amazing gloss and bead off water for a very long time.Β reflective shine

    Mobile Detailing, Detailing Ottawa, Car Wash, Ceramic Coating, Waxing, Car Wax, Carnauba Wax, Detailing Near MeMobile Detailing, Detailing Ottawa, Car Wash, Ceramic Coating, Waxing, Car Wax, Carnauba Wax, Detailing Near Me
    Auto DetailingAuto Detailing ottawa
    Auto Detailing OttawaAuto Detailing

    Fantastic results are our passion!

    WHY US?


    Let us give you more time to do more important things than waiting at a car detailing shop for hours. We will bring the service right to you.


    We know your water is precious. Our processes and equipment use the least amount of water to get the most results.


    Recycling and using only biodegradable soaps and solutions are among our top priorities


    Amazing company! Would definitely recommend to anyone hesitant to book a mobile detailing company. Using the website was super easy and helpful. I guess there was some sort of mix up with my booking because I ended up with two packages instead of just the one but when I contacted them, they were quick to make sure it was fixed πŸ˜€ When it came time for my appointment, the gentleman showed up on time and was prepared with all the equipment he needed. He was very professional at all times and when he was finished he made sure to walk through everything he did and also pointed out an issue he spotted on my hatch door. My car looks just as good or even possibly better than when we first got it. I will definitely be using their services again!


    Great company, very professional, easy to use website which has all the information you need. The car looks maybe even better than when I got it brand new. Awesome attention to details. They were 2 and they worked 6h-7h on the car, with lot of products, there's no way you can replicate the same results alone on your end. I definitely recommend them. I'll be a returning customer for sure!

    Sam Orly

    Excellent attention to the fine details. Great to see this focus on quality of work above all else. Would recommend if you have high expectations for your vehicle!

    Nicholas Jonker

    Unbelievable results! We are a family with three young boys that play competitive hockey which inevitably means that our van gets very dirty with all the time spent on the road. [The Detailer] did an excellent job. The van looked even better than when we first bought it. Highly recommended. You won't be dissapointed.!!!

    Dahlia Hallal

    We had neglected the interior of our car for far too long, and we have a white lab who sheds a lot! The technician was on time, patiently waited out some rain showers, and spent hours doing an amazing job of restoring the interior of our car to near-new condition. The outside clean was excellent as well. Highly recommended.

    Ian Brown

    Great job on interior detailing package. Brought them my Mini - it wasn't in terrible shape - but there are many nooks and crannies and they got them all! Looks and smells great! Thanks!

    Tina Green

    [The Detailer] was very meticulous with his service. I love that he came right to my home to clean my very dirty car. It now looks brand new! He did such an amazing job, I don't even want to get into it because I'm afraid to get it dirty again lol. He was on time and even stayed late to get all of the unexpected cat hair out of the car (I'm so sorry about that!). I appreciated his dedication to getting the interior of my car looking as amazing as the day I bought it, and it smells fantastic too! Thank you again Ginious Detailing, I couldn't be a happier customer! I will 100% be recommending you to my friends and family! 😊

    Lana Cole

    Attention to detail is fantastic. We had our Honda Pilot detailed and then booked our Lexus in a few weeks later. Very happy. +++

    Adam Tayler

    Had Ginious Auto Mobile Detailing do ceramic coating on my BMW Motorcycle, I normally don't do reviews but WOW my bike is showroom ready. Great Job, hope to see some of the pictures in your Gallery.

    Rod Quin

    Great work and very professional. Very friendly and great value. As a returning customer, thanks again!!

    Dr. Tim Hoeschen

    Managing Director

    so what are you waiting for?

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